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Understanding the ENERGY STAR® Label

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Improving your home’s energy efficiency starts with the products you choose, and when it comes to HVAC systems, you always want to look for brands with an ENERGY STAR® rating. The ENERGY STAR label was established in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help you, the consumer, find products that have met federal

What the HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings Mean

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When you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit, heat pump, or HVAC system, you’ll notice that there are many energy efficiency ratings listed on the units. Each rating plays a vital role in helping you determine how much the system costs to purchase and operate throughout its service life.

ENERGY STAR®: The Importance of the Blue Label

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For over 20 years, ENERGY STAR® has been helping home and business owners choose the most energy-efficient products with their quintessential blue label. Our HVAC maintenance experts at Bounds Heating & Air discuss what’s on the blue label and why it matters in your choice of heating and cooling units.