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4 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning Systems

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The days keep getting hotter, and it can be tempting to just stay indoors where your air conditioner can keep you cool all day. If you’re able to do this, more power to you, but it’s important to keep an eye on your energy bills if you do so. In the meantime, check out these

Troubleshooting Your Ductless Heat Pump

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Even if you perform routine maintenance on your ductless heat pump, there may come a time when it runs into trouble. The heat coming from the system may not be as strong as it was before, for example, or you may start hearing noises while it’s operating. In any case, it’s essential for you to

Caring for Your Home’s HVAC System – Part 3: Preventive HVAC Maintenance

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Many homeowners might see preventive maintenance as merely an added expense, but it’s actually a simple way for you to save on repair costs and your energy bill, breathe cleaner air, improve indoor comfort, protect your home and even help the environment, and all it requires is a relatively small investment.

Caring for Your Home’s HVAC System – Part 2: Programming a Thermostat

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Everyone may know that a thermostat controls temperature inside the home via a heating and cooling system, but what many may not realize is that how you use it can affect not only your comfort levels indoors but how much you save on energy costs as well. In fact, according to ENERGY STAR, you can

ENERGY STAR®: The Importance of the Blue Label

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For over 20 years, ENERGY STAR® has been helping home and business owners choose the most energy-efficient products with their quintessential blue label. Our HVAC maintenance experts at Bounds Heating & Air discuss what’s on the blue label and why it matters in your choice of heating and cooling units.

Tips on Choosing the Right Heating System for Your Needs

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Choosing a heating system for your home can be surprisingly difficult due to the vast number of options. You need to balance several factors to find the system that best fits your comfort needs and your budget. Bounds Heating & Air, your local HVAC repair and installation expert, explains what factors you need to consider: