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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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There comes a time in the life of every HVAC system when a replacement becomes necessary. Sometimes the signs are obvious; maybe your air conditioner has begun to emit odd sounds or smells, shown a marked drop in performance or started to require more frequent repairs. Other times, the signs may not be immediately noticeable.

Stay Cool in Hot Weather With These HVAC Tips

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The month of July saw news outlets report on temperatures reaching all-time highs in various locations around the world, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. In North America, for instance, a massive and intense heat dome has been hovering over two-thirds of the area comprising the eastern United States and southeast Canada. The heat, coupled with

How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Work?

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Your air conditioning unit is one of the most used HVAC systems in a typical household. Many people rely on it to stay comfortable, but most people don’t know how they work. Our air conditioning repair specialists give you a basic rundown of how your air conditioning unit functions.

ENERGY STAR®: The Importance of the Blue Label

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For over 20 years, ENERGY STAR® has been helping home and business owners choose the most energy-efficient products with their quintessential blue label. Our HVAC maintenance experts at Bounds Heating & Air discuss what’s on the blue label and why it matters in your choice of heating and cooling units.