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Home Energy Audit Services

Home Energy Audit Services

Home Energy Audit Services in Gainesville, FL, Newberry, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Why Do an Energy Audit?

In today’s budget-conscious world, homeowners are always looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses, and one of the best ways to do this is to evaluate the amount of money spent on utilities each month. With a little help from a Bounds Heating & Air, home energy auditor, Gainesville homeowners can enjoy lower electric bills without sacrificing home comfort.

Preparing for an Audit

A home energy audit is all about collecting information about your home energy use. You can help the auditor by collecting at least the past years’ worth of electric bills so he can easily analyze the main sources of energy loss in your home. In addition, take note of your typical thermostat setting and be prepared to answer questions about energy use in your home.

The Home Energy Audit

For the most part, a home energy audit is a physical check. Our auditors thoroughly inspect your home’s walls, windows, and doors for places where hot or cold air could be leaking into or out of the building, and they will check the insulation to see if it really can keep block heat transfer. In addition, the audit includes an interview to identify any energy-wasting behaviors, such as leaving doors and windows open during the day or using the thermostat incorrectly.

Following Up

With the audit complete, your auditor will recommend changes to help you cut your energy consumption and reduce monthly costs.

Depending on the results of the audit, we may recommend that you:

  • Set the air conditioner to energy-saving temperatures when the home is vacant or while residents are asleep.
  • Seal ductwork to cut down on leaks that impact your air conditioner’s efficiency.
  • Upgrade your home’s insulation to maintain a consistent interior temperature.
  • Install a ceiling fan, which will help with cooling by creating a breeze and promoting good air circulation.
  • Get a thermostat with zoned control to stop wasting energy cooling unused areas of your home.
  • Upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner to reduce monthly energy consumption.

Some of these options are quite inexpensive. For costlier measures such as upgrading your air conditioner, we perform a full payback analysis to show you how much money you will save in the long term. Our priority is always to help Gainesville homeowners and the environment by reducing energy consumption.