Humidifiers vs. Dehumidifiers: When Should You Use Them?

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Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are essential for keeping indoor humidity within healthy levels, especially if you live in an area that experiences humidity extremes. Your HVAC repair expert, Bounds Heating and Air, takes a closer look at humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and when you should use them.

Home Essentials: Preparing for a Home Energy Audit

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For budget-savvy homeowners, energy audits are a great way to monitor and evaluate how much the household spends on utilities each month. If it’s your first time getting a professional home energy audit, don’t worry. Let these preparation tips from your trusted HVAC repair company, Bounds Heating and Air, guide you.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

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The fall season is approaching, and that means colder weather ahead. Even if it isn’t snowing, drastic temperature changes will affect your home. That means you need your HVAC unit to be in the best condition. As trained experts in HVAC units, we’ve come up with key tips for proper HVAC maintenance during this season.

Pros and Cons of Different Humidifiers

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One of the best installations for HVAC maintenance is a humidifier. With it, you can control how much moisture goes in the air. There are four different types of humidifiers to choose from: steam, impeller, ultrasonic, and evaporative. At Bounds Heating & Air, we’ve provided homeowners the pros and cons of each one.

Debunking Common HVAC Myths

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HVAC units are very expensive pieces of equipment so it’s not surprising that people go to great lengths to take good care of them. Unfortunately, some people end up doing more harm than good to their units because of several misconceptions about proper HVAC maintenance. Our experts shed some light on these common HVAC myths

Controlling Excess Moisture to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Through your family’s daily routine of boiling kettles, baths, showers, drying clothes, and cooking, moisture from these activities has to end up somewhere. The excess moisture can cause wood to mold and destroy plaster on your windows, and can even damage the rest of your home. More importantly, this could affect indoor air quality and

Stay Cool in Hot Weather With These HVAC Tips

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The month of July saw news outlets report on temperatures reaching all-time highs in various locations around the world, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. In North America, for instance, a massive and intense heat dome has been hovering over two-thirds of the area comprising the eastern United States and southeast Canada. The heat, coupled with