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4 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning Systems

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The days keep getting hotter, and it can be tempting to just stay indoors where your air conditioner can keep you cool all day. If you’re able to do this, more power to you, but it’s important to keep an eye on your energy bills if you do so. In the meantime, check out these

HVAC Maintenance: 4 Things to Do This August

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Your heating and cooling system works hard all year round to ensure a comfortable living space in your home. That’s why it’s important to carry out regular maintenance and ensure it's operating smoothly. In this article, Bounds Heating & Air, a trusted contractor with expertise in HVAC services, shares a few things you might want

How to Save Money By Using Carrier

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When the summer season is in full swing, you hope at the very least to be able to stay cool indoors. On the other end of the spectrum, your greatest wish in the winter is to keep warm and cozy. At home, in vehicles and in business establishments, we’re able to achieve optimal temperatures thanks

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

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You don’t need to understand a lot about technical things to know you need an air conditioner to get you through the hottest days of the summer season. Not only is having an air conditioning unit essential for your comfort, it also helps your body stay within a set temperature range. 

Ideal Thermostat Settings for the Summer

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Temperatures have a lot to do with comfort, whether you’re at the office, in your car, in a shop or at home. While there’s nothing you can do about outdoor temperatures other than to dress appropriately for the weather, indoors you have a little more freedom. You should at least be able to control the

Setting Your HVAC Before Vacationing

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As summer approaches, homeowners start thinking about warm weather and vacations. While this is an exciting thought, are you prepared to leave your home and valuables behind? With all the preparations to take care of before a trip, we often forget about our HVAC system. Bounds Heating & Air, Florida’s HVAC maintenance contractor of choice, offers

Limitations of HEPA Air Filters

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Advanced HVAC filtration is essential for removing ultra-fine airborne particles, which can aggravate respiratory conditions. HEPA filters are among the most commonly used high-efficiency filtration products, though they’re not infallible. Bounds Heating & Air, your HVAC repair expert, outlines some of the limitations of HEPA air filters.