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Pump In the Heat

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Whether you’ve been considering ways to keep your home cozy throughout the winter or help cool it down for the summer, you may want to think about having a heat pump installed sooner rather than later. Don’t be fooled by the name, as heat pumps aren’t all they seem to be. During the summer, a

Use Your Thermostat to Make Your Home Cozy

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Depending on the weather, the air temperature inside your house can mean the difference between a home that’s warm and cozy and one in which it feels like you’re roasting in an oven. On the other hand, let it get too cold and it can feel like you’re in a walk-in freezer. The solution to

Your Trusted HVAC Maintenance Checklist

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It’s that wonderful time of year again when HVAC maintenance is one of the things on your home maintenance to-do list. Or at least, it’s the time to call a professional to perform the maintenance for you. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the maintenance personnel are tinkering with as they work on your HVAC

Keeping Hearth and Home Healthy: 5 Effects of Not Cleaning Your Air Ducts

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HVAC maintenance can be a tricky thing to figure out if you’re not familiar with your unit. It’s important to know which parts need cleaning and which ones don’t, and to retain the information for the next time your unit needs attention. Unfortunately, when it comes to HVAC maintenance, there’s one particular part of the

Can Heating Costs Be Lowered During a Florida Winter?

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Freezing temperatures are virtually unheard of in Florida. West Palm Beach once experienced half an inch of snow in 1977, but it had already disappeared by the time afternoon rolled around. Regardless, the start of the winter season still brings with it a slight chill, and most homeowners in Florida begin revving up their furnaces

Tips to Get Your Central Heating System Ready for the Cold

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Now that cooler weather has set in, the warmth and comfort of your home will be dependent on its central heating system. As such, it’s imperative to thoroughly check out your system to ensure that it is, and will remain, in good working order for the next several months.

Going Ductless: Why You Should Get a Ductless Heating System

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There’s no shortage of heating options on the market today. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to determine which of these alternatives will be able to fit your home’s heating needs. To simplify the selection process, your air conditioning repair company Bounds Heating and Air suggests you look into one of the most energy-efficient options

Regulating Indoor Temperature to Keep Your Home Cozy

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Every homeowner strives to keep their family comfortable while spending the least on HVAC as possible. The key is to set the thermostat properly each season. It also important to have air conditioning repair regularly to ensure that your unit is working as it should. Follow Bounds Heating & Air’s ultimate guide to the ideal