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How Does Duct Cleaning Affect Indoor Air Quality?

How Does Duct Cleaning Affect Indoor Air Quality?

The air quality in your home can be significantly affected by your HVAC system. Both the comfort levels you experience and the indoor air quality are tied to your circulation equipment, and your ducts play an essential role in the process. Just as you remove layers of dust from your furnishings, you need to keep in mind that your ducts can gather similar levels of debris. When you turn on your heating or AC unit, the dust is stirred and circulated, causing your airstream to become more polluted. Duct cleaning is an important management method for keeping indoor air cleaner.

Is Duct Cleaning Something I Can Do?

Professional duct service is a meticulous approach to brushing dirt loose from duct walls and removing it from the area. High-powered suction works in tandem with rotating brushes to ensure that your duct walls are completely cleaned and that dust and other materials are effectively removed. Different duct structures require different types of equipment. An HVAC professional is able to determine which equipment choice is appropriate for your home.

Additional benefits of professional duct cleaning include high-efficiency filtration of the materials so that dust is contained for disposal. Drop cloths are used to protect your furnishings, and materials removed from your ducts are disposed away from your home. Remote video equipment allows your technician to assess your ducts for leaks and other important issues that might affect your system performance and indoor air quality.

Additional HVAC Maintenance

Your system should be tuned up twice a year. Whether you have a heat pump for both heating and cooling needs or whether heating is managed by a furnace and cooling by an AC unit, you need to be sure that your equipment is optimized and cleaned to promote indoor air quality. Additionally, tune-up service ensures that refrigerant levels are appropriate, that worn parts are replaced and that internal parts of your units are free from mold and bacteria.  Maintenance saves money on energy bills, reduces the need for repairs and extends the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.

Evaluating Your Indoor Air Quality

You can schedule an evaluation to determine specific issues affecting your home. Air samples are analyzed to determine what pollutants are present in your airstream. Additionally, your HVAC professional can help you with simple needs like selecting the best filter for your system. He can provide you with more intensive filtration and air quality management products as well. Some of these include:

  • Air purifiers – intensive filtration removes particulates and kills bacteria, mold and viruses
  • UV lamps – used to control mold growth on your coils
  • Dehumidifiers – used for reducing moisture levels when the air conditioning system alone isn’t sufficient
  • Ventilators – keep fresh air circulating to improve indoor air

Our professionals in Newberry, FL, are familiar with issues common to our region. We can provide you with a multi-faceted approach to moderating indoor comfort levels while keeping your air clean and pleasant. Call us to schedule an evaluation or maintenance service.  Our friendly team at Bounds Heating & Air is eager to help our friends and neighbors with all their HVAC needs.

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