A Bounds Heating & Air HVAC technician greets a couple at their front door in Gainesville

Bounds Heating & Air Opening New Location In Gainesville!

One of the strongest signs of a stable and thriving business is consistent growth, and we have been privileged to see that here at Bounds Heating & Air. Over our years in business, our customers have come to depend on us for high-quality air conditioning and heating repairs, new installation services, and anything else in between that your home’s HVAC system might need. We have always sought to go above and beyond for our customers and treat them with genuine respect and world-class customer care. And we’re pleased to see that these efforts have been rewarded over the years with a business that has grown to become one of the most recognized leaders in our community.

In fact, this growth has been so prominent that we are pleased to announce that we have opened our second location! We are now pleased to have a facility located in the city of Gainesville, allowing customers there and in the surrounding areas to receive our same great service and reliability even faster! Thanks to a fleet of trucks and staff of experienced crew members now based out of this new location, customers will see even quicker response times and enhanced support for their HVAC needs.

This new location is not replacing our old office—we are still operating at full capacity from our original location in Newberry. That means you can still expect the same great service and friendly technicians you always have. However, we’re pleased to have the ability to serve an even wider range of customers across a greater service area thanks to this new location!

Whether you are in Newberry, Gainesville, or any of the communities that surrounding either of our offices, give the team at Bounds Heating & Air a call at (352) 290-3370 today and schedule a service if your air conditioner or heater needs a professional service.