How to Improve Air Quality to Prevent Asthma and Allergies

Indoor air quality has a huge impact on the health and wellness of the people living inside your home. Unhealthy indoor air is full of pollutants, microbes, and pathogens that can aggravate various respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. 

One effective solution to alleviating such problems is to install a proper HVAC system in the house. However, regular HVAC maintenance is also required to prevent allergens from accumulating and spreading once again. Here are other things you can do to help your HVAC system alleviate asthma and allergy symptom:

Clean Air Intake Vents

Microbes and other air pollutants can enter your house through your air conditioning system. Your AC will suck in dirty air from the outdoors if the system is surrounded by organic materials, dust, and dirty objects. Cleaning the area surrounding your AC condenser will be a great help in preventing this problem.

Replace Filters

HVAC systems improve air quality by filtering the air. With pollutants, particulates, and other allergens trapped, they can’t be inhaled, limiting the likelihood of asthma and allergies being triggered. To keep air quality up, a regular maintenance schedule has to be in place, ensuring filters are routinely replaced. Regular maintenance is also a great way to keep HVAC repair expenses down.

Let Water Pans Drain

Mold grows when the environment is moist, which is common in air conditioning systems. Your AC system makes use of moisture to provide cold air, but as water accumulates in drain pans, it can lead to rapid mold growth. You can get rid of the excess water by placing drain pans at a slight slope.

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