Important HVAC Upgrade Considerations

There are many options to choose from when it comes to upgrading your HVAC system. When you’re armed with the right information before making a decision, however, you’ll be well on your way to getting your money’s worth. and will know exactly what to expect from your new home comfort system.

A new HVAC unit will enable you to enjoy the benefits offered by a modern system. Even today’s standard-efficiency model is a major upgrade from older units. Bounds Heating & Air, a trusted air conditioning repair contractor, shares some things you should consider when upgrading your HVAC system


A unit’s efficiency helps determine just how much you can get as a return on your investment. Always try to buy the most efficient system you can afford because higher efficiency translates to greater energy savings. As such, you won’t regret shelling out for a larger initial investment as your lower utility bills begin to roll in each month.

Friendliness to the Environment

Older units use refrigerant R-22, which has ozone-depleting properties. Today’s modern systems use R-410A, which offers a lower impact on the environment. Bounds Heating & Air, your trusted HVAC repair company, offers modern systems that use R-410A because we believe in saving our world for future generations.

Fresh Indoor Air

Make sure that your new system can keep your indoor air fresh. It should have a high-power whole-home filter and be able to reduce odors. Otherwise, you may run the risk of exposing not just yourself but also your loved ones to health risks. Ask your contractor about options for you and your family to enjoy the best indoor air quality.

Fuel Type and Rates

Consider the fuel type when choosing your new unit. If you don’t have natural gas in your home, get a heat pump. Consider which is cheaper where you live: electricity or gas. Choose a gas furnace if gas is cheaper. But if electricity costs less, consider a heat pump, which consumes less energy than other electric heating methods. It’s also able to take care of your cooling needs. Bounds Heating & Air, your HVAC maintenance expert, can help you select the best option.

Still, feeling overwhelmed with the many options for HVAC upgrades? Make sure to ask your local heating and air conditioning contractor for advice. We serve homeowners in Gainesville, FL, and surrounding communities in Florida. Call us today at 352-290-3370 for a FREE estimate!