The Effects of Humidity and Tips on Dealing With Them

During the summer season, most people are more concerned with the heat than just about anything else. That’s because there are those who don’t understand how high humidity levels can affect comfort and health, especially at home.

In this blog post. your HVAC repair experts at Bounds Heating & Air discuss the effects of high humidity and how you can lower humidity levels at home.

How Humidity Affects Your Home

  • Humidity makes your home feel hotter than it actually is. For example, if the temperature is 75° indoors, it will feel more like 80° with 100% humidity.

  • You may have sleeping problems.

  • Your wall paint or wallpaper may start peeling.

  • Indoor plants may start to wilt or become smelly.

  • You’ll have more dust mites.

  • Anyone in your family who has asthma or allergies may experience a flareup.

  • Your windows and doors, especially if they’re made of wood, will stick.

  • Furniture and appliances may also encounter problems.

  • Mold and mildew thrive in moist areas, and humidity makes the problem even worse.

  • Your overall comfort and indoor air quality will plummet.

How to Deal With Humidity

Nobody wants to live in a home with humidity issues. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

  • Keep your windows and doors closed and use your AC. Have it serviced by an HVAC maintenance expert to make sure it’s running at full functionality. They can check the filters and clean or replace them as needed.

  • Don’t leave surfaces wet. Use a clean rag or paper towels to wipe them dry.

  • Don’t ignore plumbing leaks and other issues. Call a professional to deal with them if you can’t on your own.

  • Ceiling fans can help with air circulation.

  • Invest in a home dehumidifier of the right size. A professional can help you choose one based on your needs. Ideal home humidity is between 30% and 50%. Get a dehumidifier that displays the amount of humidity in the room.

  • Take your wet laundry outside and hang it out to dry if your dryer isn’t equipped to vent outside. You’ll also save energy by air-drying laundry.

  • Don’t use your dishwasher, or run it only at night.

  • Keep interior doors open to help with air circulation.

  • Apply weatherstripping around your windows and doors.

  • Cook outside whenever you can if you have a barbecue pit or grill.

  • Turn on your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans if it gets stuffy.

These simple tips should help you lower indoor humidity and avoid all the problems it brings with it. Your air conditioning repair experts at Bounds Heating & Air can help you. Call us today at (352) 290-3370. We work with homeowners in Gainesville and in other areas around Florida.