Tips for Achieving a Cozy Home This Winter

Now that cooler weather has arrived and you’re going to be using your HVAC system more often, it will come as no surprise to see your energy bills start to go up over the next few months. This is not something any homeowner looks forward to, but fortunately, there are ways to achieve a cozy home while saving money and decreasing your dependence on your heating system.

The HVAC maintenance pros of Bounds Heating & Air discuss three of them.

Open the Curtains

An inexpensive way to warm the indoors is to utilize your windows. Switch out your light summer window coverings for heavier drapes or curtains, and draw them open when the sun is up to maximize the natural light and warmth entering your home. When night falls, close them to keep in the heat. The thermal insulating qualities of the windows themselves should help to retain the heat that was gained and keep cool air out. This only works, however, if your windows are in good condition, showing no signs of drafts or condensation.

Clear the Areas Around Your Vents 

Keep the vents in your home free from all obstructions to ensure the warm air isn’t blocked as it comes out. If you have furniture situated over the air vents, move it away and rearrange it elsewhere, at least while the cold weather remains. Your HVAC repair pros recommend this to prevent any issues with air pressure, which may cause the whole system to work inefficiently, leading to a sudden malfunction.

Replace Your Thermostat With a Programmable One

Adjusting the temperature on your thermostat multiple times a day doesn’t help your HVAC system achieve peak performance and efficiency. Consider replacing your manually-operated thermostat with a programmable one to help ramp up energy savings whenever you use your heating system. Once you configure it to your desired temperature settings for certain times of the day or days of the week, it will adjust the temperature of your home accordingly.

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