Can Heating Costs Be Lowered During a Florida Winter?

Freezing temperatures are virtually unheard of in Florida. West Palm Beach once experienced half an inch of snow in 1977, but it had already disappeared by the time afternoon rolled around. Regardless, the start of the winter season still brings with it a slight chill, and most homeowners in Florida begin revving up their furnaces in response.

While most homeowners don’t expect huge heating bills during these colder months, it still pays to learn a few tips on how to keep your energy bills to a minimum and your HVAC units running at peak efficiency. Our HVAC repair and maintenance experts at Bounds Heating & Air offer some practical advice on how to reduce heating costs while still enjoying a Floridian “winter”.

Programmable Thermostats

According to the Department of Energy, for every degree your thermostat is lowered (or raised in summer) for 8 hours, you can save up to 1% on annual heating costs. This means that setting your thermostat a few clicks below the desired temperature while you’re asleep or away from home can translate to hundreds of dollars in long-term savings.

Of course, this is all well and good on paper, but in our experience as HVAC maintenance providers, many homeowners admit to neglecting their thermostat settings most of the time. This is where programmable thermostats come into play. The ability of a thermostat to automatically change temperature settings has proven invaluable in lowering monthly heating bills for homeowners.

Clean Vents

Dust and debris are the usual suspects for clogging up vents and ducts in your HVAC system. Regularly keeping these components of your HVAC system clear of obstructions helps keep the air circulating freely and continually, allowing your vents to provide adequate heating without running into problems.

Using Windows

During the day, utilize your windows to help heat your home naturally. Opening blinds and curtains will let sunlight in and allow the natural heat from the sun’s rays to warm up your home. The colder outside temperature will have little effect on your own heating, and on some days you can actually forego turning on your furnace. The reverse is true for summer when air conditioning repair and use is more common. This is when you want to keep windows shut and covered, relying on your home’s insulation to help maintain a cooler indoor temperature level for as long as possible.

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