The Main Benefits of a Variable-Speed HVAC System

Are you looking for a new HVAC system for your home? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider purchasing a variable-speed HVAC system. According to our HVAC maintenance experts, this type of system has a few benefits you won’t get with the usual alternatives.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Unlike regular HVAC systems, a variable-speed system consumes just the right amount of electricity, depending on your home’s demand for cooling. This means you can expect it to run on less energy at night and on cooler days, which means it’s much less likely to use excess power.

Less Wear and Tear

The more time an HVAC unit spends running at a high setting, the more likely it is to sustain damage due to wear and tear. According to our HVAC repair experts, a variable-speed HVAC system’s ability to begin at slower speeds during startup means that there’s less strain put on the system’s components compared to that of a regular HVAC system.

More User-Friendly

A common problem with regular HVAC systems is that after a time they can get too cold or too hot, so you need to manually change the setting on a regular basis. With a variable-speed HVAC, you can set the unit one time and expect consistent, comfortable temperatures to be maintained throughout the day.

Professional Choices

Regardless of whether you’re leaning toward a variable-speed or regular HVAC system, we recommend consulting an air conditioning repair expert to get a second opinion on what type of system you should get for your home. This way, you have someone with more knowledge on the matter who can help you choose the option that will best suit your budget and HVAC needs.

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