How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Work?

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most used HVAC systems in a typical household. Many people rely on it to stay comfortable, but most people don’t know how they work. Our air conditioning repair specialists give you a basic rundown of how your air conditioning unit functions.

Warm Air Goes In

Warm air in the room is sucked into the air conditioning unit. Dust and other particles are filtered out by a fine mesh layer to prevent clogging the machine. Keeping the filters clean helps avoid common problems such as poor efficiency and leaks.

Refrigerant Cools the Air

The liquid refrigerant is pumped through an evaporator which causes it to lose pressure and turn into a very cold gas. The gas continues to travel to a winding section of the tube known as the evaporator coil. Any damage to the evaporator or coils could cause the refrigerant to leak, so having it checked by an HVAC repair specialist on a regular basis is important.

Cool Air Goes Out

Air sucked into the unit passes through the evaporator coils. The cold coils absorb the heat in the air, cooling it in the process before flowing back into the room. A series of fans and an oscillator helps disperse the cool air throughout the room.

Repeating the Cycle

The refrigerant passes through a compressor, which pressurizes it and sends it through another winding tube known as the condenser coil. The pressure heats up the refrigerant and returns it to its liquid state, ready to return to the evaporator. A condenser fan blows through the coils to prevent the air conditioning unit from overheating. Regular HVAC maintenance typically includes cleaning out the fan and the cooling fins surrounding the condenser coils.

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