Highlighting the Importance of Renewable Heat Energy

A 2018 paper published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) discusses the recent developments in the pursuit of renewable heat energy. Your local HVAC maintenance expert, Bounds Heating and Air tackles them in this article.

Heat As An Energy Source

Based on 2015 data, heat continues to dominate global energy consumption, about half as many as the other forms of consumption such as electricity. About 60% of heat is consumed in industries, with the remaining 40% in buildings. However, fossil fuels still remain as the top producers of heat, contributing to nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions apart from adding to the problems brought about by air pollution.

Many countries are taking great strides in order to achieve a cleaner heat supply through renewable means. Growth has been seen in the use of renewable energy in recent years, but at a slower pace due to multiple economic and non-economic barriers at the national and local levels. Regardless,  there is ongoing support for renewable heat through policy implementation.

Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

As an HVAC repair company, Bounds Heating and Air recognizes the importance of heating systems that take into account energy efficiency. These contribute to helping realize the potential of renewable heat energy in playing a key role in decarbonizing and providing a clean supply of air in both residential and commercial properties. More importantly, having efficient systems in homes and businesses can cut down costs of consumption, while taking part in helping the environment.

Energy-efficient heating systems are all around. Heat pumps, for instance, don’t use fossil fuels at all. It utilizes heat from the air or ground (geothermal) and diverts it indoors through an electric pump. Our company offers them for homeowners looking to achieve indoor comfort, as well as cooling systems and other HVAC solutions.

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