Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Bounds Heating & Air technicians working

The fall season is approaching, and that means colder weather ahead. Even if it isn’t snowing, drastic temperature changes will affect your home. That means you need your HVAC unit to be in the best condition. As trained experts in HVAC units, we’ve come up with key tips for proper HVAC maintenance during this season.

Inspect Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for keeping dust out of your HVAC unit. They are why you can enjoy warm air with none of the pollutants. Over time, it will accumulate into a dirty blockade. Be ready to inspect and clean your filter. You might also need a backup, in case it needs to be replaced.

Check the Insulation

Proper insulation in the walls and roof keep the temperature stable. The last thing you want is for cold air to interrupt your sleep. That’s why you need to re-examine the insulation. With the right amount, you can avoid the need for future HVAC repair.

Clean the Vents and Grilles

During the fall season, leaves and dirt can create a solid wall of debris around the vents and grilles of your HVAC units. Make sure you inspect all the components before cleaning it. This way, you can make sure if there are blockages, and know how to clean them out properly. This can also lead to the discovery of other issues with the unit.

Get a Proper Inspection

The best way to prepare for the fall is to get an expert opinion. At Bounds Heating and Air, we can inspect your units and ascertain their current condition. We also provide professional air conditioning repair, in case the HVAC system is damaged.

With our help, you can get the best air quality and temperature in your home. Call us at 352-290-3370 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve many areas in Florida, including Lake City.