Going Ductless: Why You Should Get a Ductless Heating System

There’s no shortage of heating options on the market today. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to determine which of these alternatives will be able to fit your home’s heating needs. To simplify the selection process, your air conditioning repair company Bounds Heating and Air suggests you look into one of the most energy-efficient options out there: ductless heating.

Why Ductless Heating?

A typical ductless system consists of a compressor located outside and an indoor unit mounted on your wall. Unlike its bulkier counterparts, a ductless heating system only requires a small hole to be drilled into a wall for its installation. This feature greatly reduces the risk of air leakage and offers more security against break-ins.

Unlike other heating options that can be an eyesore, a ductless heating system is less visible. It also tends to be quieter than most heaters. They are perfect even for home additions. Just remember to schedule regular HVAC maintenance so your heating system functions as it should.

Energy Efficiency

You stand to lose around 25% or more of heat due to ductwork. Eliminating ductwork makes for a more efficient system. With ductless heating systems, you have more control over the temperature for each room. Unlike centralized heating, you have the option to adjust the temperature of certain areas to your liking. Not only does it promote a more harmonious relationship within the household (different family members have different temperature preferences), but this feature also greatly enhances the overall comfort of your home while lowering your energy bill.

If you’re looking for a stylish yet energy-efficient way to provide heating for your home, look no further than the ductless heating system. Bounds Heating and Air excels in ductless heating system installations. We also offer HVAC repair services. For questions about our other products and services, you may call us at (352) 278-9123. We serve Alachua, FL, and other areas in Florida.