Preparing Your HVAC for the Heat

It’s important to take a look at your HVAC system between seasons to make sure its maintenance is up to date, and to avoid any surprises during the summer months. While you should definitely schedule regular maintenance visits, here are some things you should always check before turning on the AC.  

Inspect Unit Panels

It was a windy winter, so you should make sure none of the panels on your outdoor unit are missing or damaged. They are in place to enclose the electrical connections, so if one is misaligned it poses a risk to both you and the system.

Replace the Filters

A dirty filter will not only pollute the air in your home, it will also make your system less efficient. Prepare your HVAC for the spring by changing out the filters, and enjoy cleaner air and a lower energy bill.

Clean the Condenser Coils (and remove the coil cover!)

Your condenser unit, most likely located outdoors, looks like a large metal fan. If you have a condenser cover or tarp, you need to remove it before using your system. Running the unit with the cover on, even for a brief time, can cause severe and costly damage.

If debris made its way into the condenser unit throughout the winter, dirt is likely clogging some of the coils, reducing its efficiency. Some find that they can clean these themselves using online resources, a soft-bristled brush, and hose, though this cleaning is routine in a professional maintenance visit. To avoid collecting debris in your condenser, try to keep two feet of open space around it, removing any leaves or branches.

Check the Suction Line

The suction line is the larger of the two copper lines running from the outdoor unit. This line provides refrigerant to the compressor and should be fully insulated. Improper insulation will result in a loss of energy and can ultimately damage your system. Sun rot, freezing water in the winter, and animals can all cause the insulation to wear, so it’s important to check it before you start using your system.

If you find that your system isn’t ready for summer, Bounds Heating and Air is here to help! Visit our website to learn more about our maintenance services, or give us a call at 352-290-3370 to schedule a service appointment today.