Keeping Your HVAC System in Good Shape This Summer

HVAC Maintenance in Summer

Summer is the time of year that every homeowner constantly uses their air conditioning system. Because of his, it’s important to check your air filter every month to make sure that it has not become full of contaminants. Since you may have to replace your air filter earlier than the three-month mark, have a replacement air filter ready just in case. Inspect all the registers and return air grilles in your home regularly as well; these vents should never be blocked. Move your carpets, rugs, furniture, and other items are away from the vents.

Check your exterior cooling equipment routinely as well. As an air conditioning repair expert, we recommend trimming away any vegetation that has grown around the unit and clearing away debris surrounding it. Don’t store outdoor furniture in the areas immediately surrounding the exterior cooling equipment. Inspect your cooling system’s drip pan and condensate drain lines for clogs too. Finally, for best results, schedule a professional HVAC inspection.

Our Professional Maintenance Program

Bounds Heating & Air offers maintenance programs that prevent system breakdowns and can save you money on your energy bills. Our services can keep your system working at peak efficiency. Using one of our maintenance programs also means that you will receive a discount on parts necessary for repairs, as well as a reduced rate for service calls. All our maintenance specialists are NATE®-certified and factory-trained, so rest assured that your heating and cooling units are in good hands.

Rely on Bounds Heating & Air for all of your professional HVAC maintenance needs. We have over two decades of experience in the industry, ensuring that your HVAC projects will be quick and hassle-free. We serve many areas of Florida, including Gainesville, FL. Call us at 352-290-3370 to learn more about our services and products.