Split System Heat Pump: How Does It Work?

Split-system heat pumps are HVAC systems that incorporate both heating and air conditioning systems in one unit. It’s the ideal solution for homes with existing single ductwork and registers. Your HVAC repair expert, Bounds Heating and Air takes a closer look at how split system heat pumps work.

Air Conditioning Systems

Before we talk about split system heat pumps, we must first take a look at how air conditioning systems work. Air conditioners have two distinct sections: the condenser and the evaporator. While window-mounted units have both in a single enclosure, split units have separate enclosures for each section: the evaporator is installed indoors, while the condenser is installed outdoors.

The condenser unit houses the compressor, which compresses the refrigerant until it condenses into its fluid form. As the pressure is released, the refrigerant releases a tremendous amount of heat, which is radiated through the condenser coils. By the time it reaches the evaporator unit, the refrigerant becomes cold and is passed through coils. Room air is then blown through these coils, resulting in cold air. As the refrigerant becomes warm, it is fed to the condenser, repeating the cycle. With regular HVAC maintenance from providers like Bounds Heating and Air, the refrigerant can go through thousands of cycles without needing a refill.

Split System Heat Pump

The only major difference between split system heat pumps and typical air conditioner units is in the compressor unit. It has an additional component that lets the user reverse the direction of the compressor, so instead of radiating the heat at the compressor coil, it is instead pumped into the ductwork. Heat is distributed through the same registers used for air conditioning.

Split-system heat pumps eliminate the need to use fuel-based heating systems. This is ideal if you currently do not use furnaces and similar heaters for space heating, or if you are looking into replacing your old, broken furnace. Note that split system heat pumps do not function as water heaters. However, there are several energy-efficient tankless water heaters available which let you have on-demand hot water at any time.

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