Is Your HVAC System Ready for the Fall & Winter Seasons?

During the summer months, people tend to make it a priority to schedule routine maintenance on their HVAC system to prepare for the hottest summer days here in Florida. As the season begins to change and the weather cools it often seems like less of a priority. However, even though Florida may not experience the harshest winters, HVAC systems still have to work hard to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home when the weather is cold. Here’s how to keep your home temperature comfortable this fall and winter:

Reduce Emergency Mishaps

With our comprehensive preventative maintenance program, we carefully examine your system to get it ready for the changing seasons. Each appointment allows for our skilled technicians to inspect your system and make recommendations for upgrades or minor repairs that may be needed to optimize your system. In addition to saving you money in the long run, regular maintenance allows your system to perform efficiently.


Frequent HVAC systems checks can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Maintenance checks allow technicians to detect small issues that could potentially cause greater issues within your system.

Programming Your Thermostat

With frequent changes in weather, it is hard to determine how warm or cool it will be day-to-day. With smart thermostats, you are able to regulate your home temperature automatically with the fluctuation of the outdoor weather.    

Change Your Filters

During the summer the amount of pollen and dust increases tremendously. If you haven’t replaced your HVAC system recently it is recommended to have your HVAC filter changed following the summer season. HVAC filters tend to become clogged and cause the system to work harder to keep your home cool. Along with changing HVAC filters, it is also recommended to change your home air filters as they also build up with pollen and debris from the summer weather.  


Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance gives you peace of mind that your system is less likely to breakdown due to an issue being addressed before problems arise. We all know it can still be uncomfortable living in warm temperatures when your HVAC breaks down and you have to wait around for a technician!

Be proactive and take care of your HVAC system in advance. Call today to schedule your routine maintenance with Bounds Heating & Air! 352-290-3370