Are Humidifiers Useful During the Winter?


It’s officially winter — which means it’s time to combat the dry air. One of the best ways to regulate your home air quality during the cooler months is by using a humidifier. Humidifiers emit moisture back into the air which not only increases comfort but also has an array of health benefits. Our team at Bounds Heating & Air is here to help you and your family endure this winter in comfort!  

Reduce Germs

It’s cold and flu season, so don’t let your guard down! During the winter, colds spread faster than during any other season because germs and bacteria travel faster in dry air. Because moisturized air reduces the speed that germs spread, humidifiers can be useful around the house. Along with reducing the chances of catching a cold, the warm, moist air put out by humidifiers also helps keep your respiratory system clear.

Improve Your Sleeping Patterns

Did you know that humidifiers can alleviate snoring? This is because one major cause of snoring is having dry sinuses or a dry throat. If you or your partner has issues with snoring, give a humidifier a try (you can thank us for the extra sleep)!

Healthy Houseplants

There is an array of houseplants that can help improve your home air quality, although plants must be healthy in order to perform properly. Humidifiers keep houseplants healthy throughout the dry winters by helping them avoid dry soil or sick leaves.

Protect Wooden Furnishing

Humidifiers are not only good for your health during the winter, but they also help with the health of your wood furnishings. Dry air in your home can potentially cause molding and doors or moldings to crack. Moisture from a humidifier allows your wooden furnishings to retain moisture and preserve appearance.

Reduce Energy Bills

If you live in Florida, you’re probably aware that moisture makes the air feel warmer. So why not use humidifiers to help emit moisture into the air in your home? This will allow your HVAC system not to work as hard, and lower your energy bill as a result.

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