How to Prepare Your Home Before You Take a Vacation

Before you travel, you should make a few changes to your Gainesville, Florida, home to keep the indoor air quality high and prevent expensive, inconvenient problems. Getting your home ready before you leave will also give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your trip. Before your next vacation, you should adjust your thermostat, have your HVAC system inspected by a professional, and make your home look occupied.

Adjusting Your Thermostat

When you vacation in spring and summer, you won’t need to keep your home cool, so you can raise the thermostat temperature before you go to save energy. In winter, you should leave your HVAC system on to keep your indoor air quality high and make sure your pipes won’t freeze. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it to return your home to a more comfortable temperature shortly before you get back.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Before heading out, have a professional check your HVAC system for problems. That way, you won’t risk coming home to a breakdown, and you can save money on repairs and utility bills. Add a surge protector to protect your system from power surges and outages. You can also prevent malfunctions, improve efficiency, and keep dust from collecting in your home by changing your system’s air filter.

Making Your Home Look Occupied

Keep your home safe while you’re gone by making it look like someone is there. Take out the trash before you go and have your mail forwarded or ask a neighbor to check it. Keep your lawn green with automatic sprinklers and leave one car parked in the driveway. Save energy while also making your home appear occupied by leaving lights on automatic timers and closing blinds and curtains.

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