The Difference an Energy Audit Can Make in Savings and Comfort

HVAC technician writing on paper and smiling

Your home should be a refuge where you can kick back and relax in a pleasant environment. If you and your family are uncomfortable despite the high fuel bill you pay each month, your home isn’t the haven you want it to be. Here’s how an energy audit can make a difference in savings and comfort for your home.

Relief from Cold and Hot Spots

Air leaks are a prime source of discomfort for Alachua County homeowners. Leaky doors, windows, and ductwork cause cold spots and overheated rooms. An energy assessment by Bounds Heating & Air pinpoints areas where air enters and exits your home. Fixing these problem areas eliminates air pockets and drafts and makes your family much more comfortable.

Smart Savings

In addition to increasing comfort, assessing your home’s energy efficiency saves you money. First, it identifies the home improvement projects you need to complete, and in what order, to lower your energy bills up to 30 percent. Adding insulation to the crawl space won’t save much on fuel bills if you haven’t first sealed the air leaks in your home’s foundation.

Just as important, an energy audit lets you know what you don’t have to do and helps you avoid unnecessary, costly mistakes. There’s no sense spending money upgrading to a larger HVAC system when your current system will do the job with a little help from home energy improvements. You’ll save in other ways, too:

  • Eliminating hot and cold spots saves wear and tear on your HVAC unit and extends its lifespan.
  • It will take less time to heat or cool your home, which means your energy costs will go down.
  • You can recoup some home improvement costs through tax credits and rebates.

You’ll love the savings you get when you take a whole-home approach to comfort. To learn more about what’s involved in a home energy assessment from Bounds Heating & Air, check out our energy audit page or call 352-290-3370.