How Cleaning Products Affect Your Air Quality

The summer is winding down and it’s time to go back to school! This is the time where you and your family are in the process of cleaning the house and getting things organized after an eventful summer. Typically people grab their favorite cleaning products to fight germs or dirt in their home without realizing the products toxic ingredients that become airborne affect your family’s health. Along with health effects, cleaning products can also affect your air quality but the team here at Bounds Heating & Air has listed a few primary ingredients to look out for.

When it comes to whitening clothes or disinfecting chances are you turn to bleach or products that contain bleach. Although, chlorine bleach is known to be the most corrosive chemical. Bleach releases gas fumes into your home air causing coughing, irritated eyes, throat, and nose.

Did you know ammonia is commonly found in bathroom, oven, drain, and window cleaners?  Once ammonia vaporizes, it becomes infused in your home air potentially causing kidney and liver damage. Typically this exposure can be made worse when mixed with other products containing chlorine bleach causing gas to form, and potentially irritating your skin, eyes, or lungs.

Fragrance chemicals can be found in everyday products such as aerosol cleaners, furniture polish, air fresheners, and much more. These products may leave a pleasant smell in your home, but leave a long-lasting effect on the respiratory system. For example, when an air freshener is sprayed it emits VOC’s which are volatile organic compounds into the air that potentially lead to asthma, dizziness, headaches, and eye irritation.   

To avoid emitting toxic elements in your home air, make homemade non-toxic cleaning products or call Bounds Heating & Air a call at 352-290-3370 to learn more ways to improve your home’s air quality.