3 Ways to Make Your Family More Energy-Conscious

Families in Newberry, Florida, are no stranger to high utility bills, especially during the hot summers. It’s frustrating to pay such high utility bills when small changes could make a big difference. Spend some time making your family more energy-conscious to help the environment and save money.

Discuss Your Utility Bills

Showing your family the utility bills is one way to help them become more energy-conscious. Even your spouse might not realize the cost of wasting energy if you pay the bills every month. You could even challenge your family to help lower the bills next month by implementing small changes in the home. By showing them the tangible results of their actions, they might be more conscious while they are home.

Switch It Off Sundays

Pick a day of the week to switch everything off. Although your family might gripe initially, it could turn into a fun way to spend time together instead of staring at screens all day. Try to keep as much electricity turned off during that chosen day. You might grill outside instead of using the stove. Buy board games or cards to fill the time that would be spent in front of the TV. Plan a picnic or head to a park to get some fresh air. You might be surprised how easy it is to switch off the electronics when you make an effort to do it.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

An old-school thermostat makes it easy to swing the temperatures dramatically without thinking twice. Upgrade your thermostat and teach your family how to program it. Keep the temperature lower at night in the winter and provide heavier blankets for your family. Ask your family not to change the thermostat more than two degrees without special permission. A digital, programmable thermostat makes it easier to keep the temperature in your house stable instead of creating large energy-draining swings.

If you are seeing high utility bills, a preventative maintenance agreement or updated system could help. Contact Bounds Heating and Air at 352-290-3370 to speak to an experienced professional today.