Prep Your System for a Maintenance Visit

technician smiling and writing on clipboard

To keep your Gainesville, Florida, HVAC system running smoothly, our experts at Bounds Heating & Air recommend scheduling preventive maintenance visits twice a year. Is your HVAC system’s maintenance visit coming up? Find out how to prepare yourself, your home, and your system for a maintenance check.

Reassess Your Backyard Landscaping

Most air conditioners include two important parts — the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Your outdoor unit is susceptible to the elements and overgrown grass and shrubs.

To prepare for HVAC system maintenance, cut tall grass, and trim back shrubs and flowers to leave two to three feet of clearance around the unit. Maintain five feet of clearance for trees and if trees grow above your air conditioner, be sure to check regularly for fallen branches and leaves on the unit itself. If you are planning new landscaping, consider smaller plants and shrubs or trees that don’t shed their leaves.

Clear a Path Toward the Indoor Unit

In addition to pruning and trimming landscaping around your outdoor unit, you’ll want to clear a path toward your indoor unit.

Additionally, don’t store anything within a three-foot radius of the indoor unit. Never stack items on top of the unit and don’t store chemicals, cleaning products, or paint supplies near your air conditioner. Not only can these materials block the air supply and compromise your system’s efficiency, but they can also cause volatile organic chemicals (VOCs} to circulate through your home.

Understand HVAC Lingo

Our HVAC technicians typically have much helpful information to share about your air conditioner. Take the time to learn a few key terms so you can speak our language. For instance, you’ll want to know that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) reflects how much energy your air conditioner uses. A higher SEER rating means your system is a more energy-efficient unit and has lower operating costs.

Have you scheduled your spring preventive maintenance visit yet? Call Bounds Heating & Air today at 352-290-3370 to speak with one of our HVAC experts or to set up an appointment.