Save Money by Getting an Energy Audit

Like most homeowners in High Springs, Florida, you want an HVAC system that heats and cools your home as efficiently as possible. Quite often, there are other factors throughout your home that impact how well your system can do its job. A professional energy audit provides you with the information you need to improve comfort and save energy in your home.

Find Air Leaks

A professional energy auditor will find areas where conditioned air escapes your home in winter. Heat loss contributes to high energy usage and energy bills. Identifying sources of air leaks is one way to reduce the demand on your HVAC system. You will, in turn, enjoy lower utility bills as well as improved home comfort.

Evaluate Your Insulation

An energy audit also addresses your home’s insulation. Insulation in areas, such as attics, bathrooms, and crawlspaces might not be enough or might have worn out over time. If your energy audit reveals a lack of sufficient insulation, you might now know the reason behind your high energy costs. You can hire a professional to improve your insulation for reduced electricity bills.

Analyze Your Energy Bills

Your HVAC technician will interview you about your home’s energy consumption. You can share past utility bills and describe your habits at home. The auditor will need information such as how you use the thermostat, the number of people in your home, or problems you have noticed with heating or cooling. Armed with this information, your auditor can check specific HVAC components and make recommendations that can help you to save.

Identify Ways to Improve

At the end of the assessment your auditor will provide a report that includes finding and recommendations. The report might reveal that you need more energy-efficient windows or that your doors need weatherstripping to seal gaps. Making necessary changes or upgrades, whether large or small, can significantly reduce your utility bills.

Schedule an energy audit with Bounds Heating & Air, Inc. today. You will quickly see the difference a professional audit can make. Call 352-472-2761 for more information.