Window Treatments: Improving AC Efficiency in All Seasons

Window treatments add a decorative element to your home, but what’s more, they are effective for summer and winter temperature control. Effectively utilizing window treatments in your Gainesville-area home will help to improve AC efficiency, so you can realize savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Blinds and Shades

Vertical or horizontal slat-type blinds block summer heat gain while still allowing light to enter. You can orient blinds according to the amount of light you need. Shades act similarly to fully drawn blinds. The benefit of having no slats is that shades insulate better, which is important in both the summer and the winter. However, since shades don’t have slats, they don’t allow you to control lighting as effectively.


Fabric type and color determine how well drapes reduce solar heat gain. In the summer, close drapes to keep heat from entering. White-backed drapes reflect light and further reduce heat gain. In the winter, throw the drapes wide open on sunny days to let the sun naturally heat your home. At night, close the drapes to help insulate the window against the cold outdoor air.


Both interior and exterior shutters reduce heat loss and gain. In the summer, louvered shutters provide shade while still allowing for ventilation through the open window. In the winter, solid shutters fitted tightly against the window frame provide an air barrier, improving the window’s insulating ability.

Awnings and Roof Overhangs

Awnings and overhangs block a significant portion of summer heat gain on windows that receive direct sunlight. Awnings can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 77%. Use light-colored awnings to reflect more sunlight.

Especially in Florida where the heat stays with us for much of the year, window treatments can make a big difference in comfort and savings. The sunlight entering your home means more cooling will be required from your air conditioner. An additional advantage of window treatments is that they are primarily inexpensive.

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