High Cooling Costs and Energy Saving Myths

Cooling costs can represent a significant portion of the energy bills in your Newberry, Florida home. It, therefore, makes sense to look for ways to lower your cooling expenses while still maintaining a comfortable living environment. As you try to reduce cooling costs, be careful, however, that you do not fall for energy-saving myths that can actually do more harm than good. Here are a few of the more common myths you should avoid.

  • MYTH: Quick adjustments the thermostat will lower indoor temperatures faster. It may seem like cranking up the cooling system’s thermostat will result in faster cooling, but it will most likely waste energy while providing no better cooling than gradual thermostat adjustments. Air conditioners and heat pumps with single-speed fans move cool air at a relatively consistent rate, so setting the thermostat lower than your desired temperature won’t make the equipment cool any faster. A large jump in thermostat settings will actually result in energy waste.
  • MYTH: Ceiling fans cool rooms. Ceiling fans can be a helpful addition to your home cooling system, but they don’t help to lower the temperature of rooms. Ceiling fans work by cooling people with the airflow they create. As the air contacts your body, perspiration evaporates and the surface of your skin is cooled. If no one is in the room to receive this cooling effect, there’s no need to run a fan and waste energy.
  • MYTH: Turn off the air conditioner when you are away. Some energy can be saved if you shut off the air conditioner when you’re gone for the day. However, cooling a hot house when you return will put additional strain on your HVAC system. The best solution is to install a programmable thermostat that will precisely control the operation of your air conditioner. Programmable models increase indoor temperatures to a money-saving level during the day, then automatically provide more cooling at a set time to ensure your home is cool when you return.

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