An Energy Auditor Can Locate Your Home’s Problem Areas

A homeowner greets a service provider at the front door of their home

home energy auditor evaluates the efficiency status quo of your house so you can make informed energy upgrades. Most existing residences have room for improvement. A professional energy auditor knows where to look for energy inefficiencies, with the expertise and equipment to calculate the effect on your overall energy profile. Once a home energy audit determines where your house stands today, you’ll be better prepared to make positive changes for tomorrow.

Air Leakage

Air exchange with the outdoors through structural cracks and gaps carries heat energy into or out of the house. That means lost HVAC or heating, excess energy consumption, and higher costs. A home energy auditor will conduct a blower door test that lightly pressurizes the house, then utilizes sensors linked to a computer to calculate the extent of air leakage. While the house in pressurized, technicians also have methods to pinpoint air leaks for sealing.

Air Distribution

Many homes include up-to-date air conditioning and heating equipment that’s connected to aging, deteriorated ductwork. Leaky ducts typically spill at least 20 percent of conditioned air. An inspection and pressure test quantifies the amount of duct leakage. If it’s above acceptable standards, you can pursue options for duct sealing and repair.

Heat Transfer

Insulation is the primary barrier against inefficiency due to heat transfer by conduction and radiation. Many existing houses are under-insulated compared to the current Department of Energy recommendations. The auditor will assess attic and wall insulation. Insulation may be sampled through small access holes or heat transfer through surfaces can be imaged using a thermographic camera.

Safety Matters

An energy audit includes testing for carbon monoxide gas, inspecting the furnace and appliances for proper combustion, and identifying factors that might cause dangerous back-drafting.

Following the audit, you’ll receive a written report, as well as suggestions for improvement and estimates of potential savings.

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