Installing Ductless Units

There are several options when it comes to installing ductless units. One of the main advantages of installing these units is the ability to place them in convenient locations. Unlike central air conditioning that must connect to ductwork, the compact wall-mounted indoor air handler and downsized outdoor heat pump offer the freedom of installation almost anywhere with fairly minor exceptions. Install ductless units to take performance and efficiency into consideration when determining location.

Indoor Components

The indoor air handler is a low profile unit consisting of the indoor coil and blower fan. Install the unit on an exterior wall 50 feet or less from the outdoor heat pump. The air handler should be no closer than two inches from the ceiling and at least three feet from a television or entertainment center. A three-inch hole is required in the wall to accommodate the refrigerant conduit, so make sure there are no obstacles on or in the wall.

Cleaning the air filter and checking the condensate drain is part of routine maintenance, so install the air handler in a location where furniture or other heavy objects won’t prevent convenient access to the unit.

Outdoor Components

The outdoor heat pump, which weighs approximately 120 pounds and is about the size of a suitcase, may be attached to the wall or mounted to the ground.

When wall-mounted, make sure the mounting brackets provide at least four inches of clearance between the unit and the wall. For proper air circulation, there should be at least 20 inches of clear space above the unit.

For ground mounting, attach the heat pump to a concrete pad or concrete blocks arranged on the ground. The ideal location will be sheltered from direct sunlight and cleared of shrubbery or other vegetation that could hinder airflow.

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