Reduce Your Gainesville Home Energy Costs 3 Ways

A wide air vent near the bottom of a blue wall with wooden floors

Through the hot summers and cool winters of Alachua County, you’re paying good money to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But you may be paying more than you need to pay to heat or cool your home. You can reduce energy costs by making sure your home is working at peak efficiency and correcting some common mistakes that homeowners make.

Ensure Vents Aren’t Blocked

If you have furniture or drapes covering any vents, you’re not getting good circulation in your home. And since a central HVAC system relies on air circulation to moderate the temperature through your house, that means you have to turn up the thermostat to feel the effects.

Place the Thermostat Away From Heat Sources

Make sure the thermostat isn’t in a location where it gets an unusual amount of heating or cooling, such as in direct sunlight, for example, or right next to the kitchen or an air vent. If it’s detecting a temperature that isn’t representative of the rest of your house, it won’t communicate the right instructions to the HVAC system. That could lead to too much heating or cooling, or not enough.

Routinely Change the Air Filter

It may not seem important, but all the air circulating through your home actually passes through the air filter. If it becomes clogged, the air has a harder time passing through, which puts a strain on the HVAC system’s fan motor. Not only that, but the reduced air circulation means less temperature control throughout your home. The air filter should be changed about once a month for best results.

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