Make the Most of the Fall Season With These Home Maintenance Tasks

A person uses a blue sponge to clean an air vent

If spring is the time for cleaning, fall is the time for maintenance and reviewing home preparedness for inclement weather. Read through this fall home maintenance checklist to shore up the energy efficiency of your Gainesville area home.

Fall Home Maintenance

Whether you start from the bottom up, top-down or somewhere in between, make a list of the fall home maintenance tasks you would like to accomplish and then get started!

  • Air filter: Topping the list is checking the air filter. The air filter is a simple, yet vital component of the HVAC system. The air filter protects HVAC components from dust buildup, which hinders cooling and heating performance, increases system wear, and drives up energy bills.
  • Ventilation: Clean all ventilating devices in the home, which may include a kitchen fan, bathroom fan, dryer vent, and return grille.
  • Sealing: If you notice drafts in your home or rooms and spots that are more difficult to keep cool in the cooling months, you can count on these areas to be too cold during the heating months. Sealing air leaks helps get rid of hot/cold spots in the home, saves energy, and boosts comfort. Common air leaks are found around windows and doors; use caulk and weatherstripping for these areas. Check the attic door for a tight seal. Foam weather strips are excellent for stopping air infiltration between the attic and conditioned spaces.
  • Insulation: The attic should be insulated to at least R-49, which is approximately 12 inches of insulation. If you need to add more, fiberglass rolls and loose-fill are practical solutions.
  • Heating system: Schedule a professional tuneup for the heating system. If you use a furnace, your HVAC technician should ensure safe and efficient operation, check flue venting and all carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Backup power: Our central Florida region is always at risk of severe storms. A vital part of home preparedness is a backup generator. Also, make sure you have extra bottled water, dry foods, and canned goods on hand.

If you would like more tips and information about fall home maintenance, please call Bounds Heating & Air.