A Zoning System Provides More Control Over Temperatures

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There are a number of ways you can boost the energy efficiency of your Gainesville area home’s HVAC system. One of the simplest is to add a zoning system. In addition to energy savings, you’ll benefit from more precise zone-to-zone comfort in your home, providing more control over temperature variations.

What Is a Zoning System?

Traditionally, homes with forced-air heating and cooling utilized one strategically placed thermostat. Unfortunately, this contributed to significant temperature variances from one part of the house to another and made it impossible to control temperatures independently from room to room. A zoning system changes all that. Most homes can be set up to accommodate as many as four different zones. Every zone has its own thermostat, each of which is connected a control panel that controls dampers to regulate conditioned airflow.

When Is a Zoning System a Good Idea?

Your home may benefit from a zoning system if:

    • It has multiple levels. As you know, the temperature variance between the basement, main floor, and second story can be dramatic. In most cases, the basement will be too cold, and the upper story will be too warm for comfort. A zoned system will control each of these levels separately. You can also make sure you aren’t heating an area of the home that isn’t in use.
    • You have unique architectural features. Does your home have a guest wing? Vaulted ceilings? Or a room with ceiling-to-floor windows? Each of these spaces will be enhanced by a zoned system so it can be controlled independently of your main living spaces.
    • You have personal temperature preferences. In most families, there is at least one person who likes his or her bedroom or living area hotter or colder than everyone else. Rather than compete in the battle of the thermostat, you can put bedrooms or TV rooms on separate zones so everyone can live at his or her desired temperature.

The system can be installed now, or it can wait if you are planning to replace your heating or cooling system in the near future. Contact Bounds Heating & Air to discuss adding a zoning system to your Gainesville area home.