Myths About Summer Energy Savings

myths vs. facts drawing on chalkboard

Controlling your energy usage during the summer months isn’t just about knowing what to do; it’s also about knowing what not to do. Here are a few myths about summer energy savings that you should not fall for:

Myth #1: Lower thermostat setting cools you off faster.

When you turn down your thermostat, the unit will cool at the same speed regardless of its setting. In fact, if you turn down your A/C too much, you could waste energy by leaving it on too long.

Myth #2: Ceiling fans will keep rooms cool when you’re not around.

Fans cool us off quickly because they evaporate sweat. However, these fans do nothing to actually cool off the room, so leaving them on when they’re unoccupied does nothing but waste energy.

Myth #3: If you’re gone all day, you should turn off your AC.

Although during milder temperatures, you can turn off the AC during the day, when a heatwave hits, it’s better to set the programmable thermostat so that it gradually lowers the temperature before you get home.

Myth #4: Shutting vents when using central air improves efficiency.

If you know how a central AC system operates, you can see why this technique won’t work. Even if the air isn’t being delivered into a room due to a closed vent, your A/C system is still using energy trying to do so.

Myth #5: Air conditioning is the only way to cool off.

If you don’t like the idea of running your AC too much, find alternate ways to stay cool. For example, use a ceiling or floor fan, both of which use considerably less energy. Or move to a room with less direct sunlight or one at a lower level in your home.

And while it’s not among myths about summer energy savings, avoid producing humidity during the heat of the day, by showering or washing clothes.

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