Reduce Home Heat Loss and Increase Home Comfort in Your Florida Home

picture of house wrapped in scarfWhen you take the steps to reduce home heat loss in your Florida home, you’ll simultaneously benefit from whole-home comfort, as well as reduced utility and HVAC repair costs. The more your home is susceptible to heat loss, the harder your heating system has to work to keep you comfortable. Plus, the same steps you take now to reduce heat loss will also work to prevent heat gain once air conditioning season begins.

4 Ways to Reduce Heat Loss

The following are four steps you can take to reduce home heat loss and begin saving money:

  • Seal the leaks. Anywhere there’s an air leak in your home, warm conditioned air will make its way to the cooler outside environment. This becomes a major source of energy waste. Use caulking to seal cracks or gaps in your exterior walls, paying special attention to where the siding meets the foundation and roof and exterior penetrations caused by electrical and plumbing work. Once you’ve finished caulking, inspect the weatherstripping around doors and windows and replace any that appear worn or no longer form a tight seal.
  • Upgrade insulation. Unless you live in a newer home, verify that your insulation meets current energy efficiency standards. If not, you’ll want to upgrade the insulation in your attic, crawl spaces and basement to start. If you can afford it, also augment the insulation in your exterior walls. Use the guidelines listed on this map of Recommended Levels of Insulation. The Gainesville area is located in Zone 2.
  • Update your windows. If you can’t afford to replace your windows, start making a plan to replace a few at a time with their energy-efficient counterparts.
  • Observe routine HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC equipment is also prone to heat loss via leaky or uninsulated ductwork and dirty filters. Observing routine maintenance appointments will make sure that small problems are addressed before they become a source of significant energy loss or unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

Contact the HVAC professionals at Bounds Heating & Air to schedule a home energy auditor to learn more ways to reduce home heat loss.