3 Reasons a Duct Cleaning May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

HVAC technicians cleaning ducts

Duct cleaning is a procedure that should be considered on an “as needed” basis. Without an inspection by a qualified professional, no one can say for sure whether your ducts need to be cleaned. Large spans of residential ductwork are basically inaccessible to the average homeowner, so residents generally have little idea of the actual condition inside the ducts.

Generally speaking, if ducts appear dirty in areas you’re able to observe, such as by looking into supply or return vents with a flashlight, you may benefit from the inspection and professional cleaning procedure. When it’s truly necessary, duct cleaning can provide three valuable benefits:

Better Air Quality

The average home generates about 40 pounds of dust annually from indoor sources. Because common dust is buoyant, it typically floats in the air and is drawn into HVAC ducts multiple times per day. Static charges within the ductwork cause dust to stick to duct surfaces and a process of accumulation begins.

Ducts become a permanent reservoir of dust and dirt that continuously recirculates into the breathing air in living spaces. Where dust accumulates inside ductwork in significant amounts, physical removal by professional duct cleaning is the only way to break the cycle.

Healthier Indoor Environment

Dust and dirt aren’t the only particles that may accumulate in ducts. If ducts have been exposed to moisture from condensation, roof leaks, or other sources, they can be prime breeding grounds for toxic mold and bacteria. While not every dirty duct is hazardous to your health, mold, and bacteria can lead to respiratory issues and other symptoms for you and your family.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Dust and debris in ductwork increase air friction inside the ducts, reducing airflow. Optimum energy efficiency in any HVAC system is directly related to proper airflow. When dirty ductwork impairs airflow, the furnace or air conditioner runs extended cycles to meet thermostat settings, increasing system energy consumption and boosting monthly operating costs.

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