5 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioner Dependence in Your Gainesville Home

An adult holds a child on their shoulders while the child reaches up to dust a ceiling fan

Gainesville is sweltering, and most residents are running their air conditioners nonstop to beat the heat. With the rising costs of energy, this means you’re probably paying more for cooling your home than you’d like. Finding ways to reduce air conditioner dependence can help take a load off your system to reduce energy bills and help prevent common problems during the hottest time of the year. These tips will help maintain a high level of comfort while reducing your dependence on full-time A/C operation.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

If you haven’t had your air conditioner tuned up by a skilled technician this year, now’s the perfect time to do it. A comprehensive A/C tuneup is the number one way to increase system efficiency, extend its operating life and lower cooling bills through tasks like removing dust from the interior, cleaning the coils for optimum heat exchange, and tightening belts and connections.

Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter restricts the airflow to the air conditioner, which makes it work harder and often causes it to overheat and shut down. You end up paying more for less comfort and risk serious damage to the system. Inspect the air filter every month and, when it’s dirty, replace it with a clean one.

Combat Heat Gain

The sun strikes your home during the day and heats up each room. Solar heat gain makes the air conditioner work overtime to compensate, increasing wear on the system and sending cooling bills through the roof. Close window shades during the day. Plant bushes and vines around the house, especially on the south side, to create a cooler microclimate that will, in turn, keep your home cooler.

Use Fans

Portable and ceiling fans provide a high level of comfort at higher thermostat settings. But remember that fans don’t actually cool rooms, only people, so turn them off in unoccupied areas to save on energy costs.

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