Use a Maintenance Plan for Your Heater Tune-Up

Although our region is known for relatively mild winters, you need to keep in mind that the record low in Gainesville, FL was six degrees Fahrenheit. The sub-freezing reading was reached in 1899 and might seem unlikely to be repeated, but snow has been recorded in the area as recently as December 26, 2010. In fact, we tend to register approximately 16 days with freezing temperatures on average each year, making a reliable heater an important part of your home comfort system. Fall is the ideal time to have a heater tune-up completed to ensure that you are ready for these colder days, and a maintenance plan can provide great value as your service is performed.

What Is a Maintenance Plan?

You can schedule your heater tune-up at your leisure, but a maintenance agreement enables you to be sure that your appointment will be reserved at an affordable price. With an agreement, you can schedule both heating and cooling optimization to be sure that seasonal maintenance is completed before the change of weather. It’s easy to forget about the need for a tune-up, but with a comprehensive service plan, you can count on your HVAC contractor calling to let you know that it’s time for the next visit.

Some homeowners don’t realize that regular maintenance can provide many important benefits. Having your heater inspected before the weather cools allows you to be notified of any frailties in the system. Moving parts can wear out over time, and failure during cold weather can have uncomfortable consequences. Your technician will identify parts that need to be adjusted or replaced so that your system can be brought back up to manufacturer standards for operation. You can benefit from improvements in both comfort and energy usage when your system’s internal parts are properly adjusted. In fact, regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating equipment by limiting stress on key components.

Safety Benefits from a Tune-Up

During a furnace tune-up, your technician will evaluate the safety, pilot equipment, gas valves, and connections, flue drafts and piping, heat exchangers, and burners. Problems with the gas supply and the piping for emissions can lead to serious issues in your home. Additionally, leaks in your ductwork can facilitate back-drafting, allowing emissions to infiltrate your airstream. The annual inspection of your gas-fueled heater can lead to the diagnosis and repair of these problems before you need to heat your home for the winter. Your technician can also recommend carbon monoxide alarms to ensure that your family can be alerted if dangerous gases get into your air supply.

Additional Issues

Special pricing on annual maintenance agreements is helpful, but you will also appreciate the fact that Bounds Heating & Air provides discounts to our Gainesville, FL customers who enroll in these plans. In addition to priority service in the event of a system malfunction, you can take advantage of a 15 percent discount on parts and reduced rates for service calls that occur outside of your planned maintenance. Contact our office to learn more or to schedule your tune-up.