What Is Energy Recovery Ventilation?

Indoor air quality can be a huge concern in your home, especially if you don’t have a proper ventilation system. Modern construction often provides excellent energy efficiency because of careful design and high-quality products. However, the tight sealing can keep pollutants concentrated in the home. Older homes are more prone to leaks, leading homeowners to do their own air sealing to improve efficiency levels. It’s important to recognize that fresh air is critical for maintaining safe air quality in the home.

Mechanical Ventilation Can Help

If the air in your home seems stuffy and stale, you may need to supplement the existing ventilation with a mechanical ventilator. You may think that opening a window is good enough. However, a window can create efficiency problems with your air conditioner on a hot day in Newberry, FL. Mechanical solutions like energy recovery ventilation allow you to benefit from fresh air without creating an extra cooling load for your air conditioner.

Pre-Conditioning and ERV

An HVAC professional can install an energy recovery ventilator to coordinate with your existing equipment. The unit is designed to pull fresh air into your home while expelling indoor air from the structure. This exchange of air would normally affect indoor temperatures. However, an ERV conditions the incoming air before it joins your airstream. The air is heated or cooled to provide minimal comfort impact in the home. Additionally, dehumidification features ensure that incoming air doesn’t bring excessive moisture into your indoor environment.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Air Supply

Before you install an ERV, it is helpful to work with an HVAC technician to evaluate air quality issues in your home. Mold is a common problem in Florida, but there are also some potential issues in homes with gas-burning appliances or attached garages. Samples can be taken to pinpoint serious issues with gases like carbon monoxide. A lab analysis can provide information about how your home’s air is affected by construction materials, industrial products, and home management. There are high-tech products for cleaning your air and limiting the development of mold in your home. A combination of mechanical and management strategies can lead to better maintenance of your home’s air quality.

Identification of Leak Issues

If you live in an older home, you may also want to consider the importance of a home performance evaluation. Leaks can be a problem, especially those that can cause back drafting of emissions from gas appliances or automobiles. A carbon monoxide alarm is an important safety feature if your home has an attached garage or gas-burning system. It’s also important to check for natural ventilation issues that could affect the movement of emissions in your home. Air sealing can help in addressing the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling equipment, and a professional evaluation can ensure that you maintain a safe environment as you deal with leaks. Supplementing with energy recovery ventilation can enhance the safety of your airstream.

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